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Rules to determine player's tournament class

Players' skills and experience differ substantially so players and tournaments are divided into several classes. Player class and tournament class are closely related. A player of a particular class only may participate in the same class tournament.

The tournament class system is a ladder, with the H class being its lowest level and the A class, the highest. Initially, a player automatically becomes the H class player. His/her ability to climb up the ladder depends on the player's chess-playing skills. The class is changed according to the following simple rules,
  • the class is raised one notch if a player comes first in the tournament whose class is not lower than the player's current class or tournaments class is TOP30,
  • the class is lowered one notch if a player takes the last place in the 1-st stage of the tournament whose class is the same or lower than the player's current class.
If a tournament class is not indicated, all players can take part in it, irrespective of their class.

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