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Battle Chess In Real Life: First Steps
27.08.2008 // account has been deleted //
Finally it happened! On Saturday August 23, 2008 the First Online Battle Chess Tournament "REAL-Moscow" took place.
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The Initial Deployment in the Battle Chess: Is There a Philosophers Piece?
05.02.2008 // account has been deleted //
In this article, we continue talking to Andrey Lukov (Unbound) the winner of the first online Battle Chess tournament First Winter 2007
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Classification of Setups in the Battle Chess. Part 1.
10.04.2008 // account has been deleted //
I have a methodology of creating strong setup schemes, which I wouldnt like to share until the Battle on the Ice tournament ends, but I am ready to reveal it later.
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The Art of Battle Chess
25.04.2008 // account has been deleted //
Dear Battle Chess lovers! I would like to share with you some thoughts and ideas concerning this alternative version of the ancient game. There are no and cant be any universal recipes, but in order to improve skills and achieve high results one should follow some common principles and rules.
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BATTLE CHESS: What Is It? Understanding Battle Chess
11.07.2008 // account has been deleted //
What should you do? You are at the Battle Chess site for the first time and you lost the first game right away adopting the classic stance, or you try hard to win and instead constantly get into an uncomfortable position in the game...
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